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What's included?

No matter what type of support you need, one of my main goals is to increase your calm and confidence as a birthing person and as a mother. A side effect of that is increased knowledge, awareness, and confidence in your partner so that they can be and feel supportive too!

Birth Doula

*2 prenatal sessions in your home or over zoom (topics include: exploring your hopes for birth, daily exercises, options for birth, creating a visual birth plan, comfort measures, positions for labor, setting the atmosphere, hospital bag, how your partner can support you, affirmations, etc.)

*24.7 phone support (call, text, facetime)

* On call for labor support at home, hospital, or virtually 2 weeks before due date and 1 week after

*1-2 postpartum sessions (assistance with breastfeeding, babywearing, sleep schedule for you and baby, mental healthy check in, processing birth story, anything else you might need in this vulnerable time!)

*Referrals to local resources (ex: chiropractors, pediatricians, etc.)

Postpartum Support

Rates and packages broken down in to chunks of hours, preferably not less than 3 hours at a time:

*3 hour visit

*6 hours of care

*9 hours of care

*12 hours of care

Care you can choose from:

*light housekeeping

*grocery run and meal or snack prepping

*newborn and/or sibling care so you can rest

*breastfeeding tips and positions

*practice babywrapping/wearing

*processing your birth story

*Referrals to local resources (ex: mom groups, etc)

Virtual Support

*2 prenatal zoom sessions (topics to discuss: hopes for birth, daily exercises, options for birth, comfort measures, positions for labor, packing your hospital bag, and setting the atmosphere, etc.)

*Partner coaching so that they can feel confident supporting you alongside the virtual services

*A visual birth plan to take to provider if desired

*I'll be available 24.7 for text/call/facetime during pregnancy, labor, and postpartum.

*A package of doula goodies mailed to your home to utilize during labor (you can purchase your own or return mine after birth via mail)

*Postpartum check-ins via text, facetime, or zoom based on your preference and needs

*Referrals to local resources (ex: photographers, etc.)

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