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The Pace of Grace--Living Life in Intervals

Mamas out there doing all the things, I see you. I know for me it's trying to keep the house in some kind of order, cook something healthy for the kids, make sure the girls get more time playing with their toys or outside than they do on their iPad, feed myself, maybe workout, get some online trainings done for a part time job, and still have time/energy left to invest in my relationship with my spouse. Oh and did I mention breastfeed every few hours throughout the day AND NIGHT. Gosh it's tough and easy to feel spread thin.

All in mommy's lap while I watch a training. Do you spy a baby leg in there? lol.

We recently moved to Maryland after Zeke, my third, was born. We were packed up and moved out exactly a month and a day after. We spent a lot of time on the road before getting to our new house. It still seems hard to get "settled." This morning I felt the Lord whisper, "find the pace of grace." A whisper as in one of those feelings I just kind of feel in my heart and head. And it felt right, a sense of peace came with it.

The days have taken on a rhythm of doing things in intervals. You know that 2-3 hour interval where the newest to the crew eats, plays, then sleeps?! Yup--that interval. During awake times we play in the girl's room, dance, and be as loud as we want. When he sleeps, well that's when mommy puts everyone in front of the screen to watch something quietly or at the table to eat. And the work can get done--unload the dishwasher during nap one, prep lunch and pick up during nap two. Ear pod in one ear to catch a training for work or a sermon for personal growth. You get the idea ;)

Catching ZZzzz's.
Screen time and food! You know!

The truth is, we will never get this time back and the intervals won't stay small forever. I'm determined to make sure that among all the other things I get to do, that I spend time sitting on the floor following Solara's requests for dressing barbie dolls and doing their hair, letting Sloane serve me pretend food, and engaging Zeke during his tummy time. It really does some good for the soul sitting back and watching them play in their little world--allowing them to play feeling confident and secure knowing mommy is right there.

Barbie spa day.
Just a good ole play dough pancake served up with a spoon from chef Sloane.
We dance to entertain baby brother.

It's a labor of love, this mommin' thing we get to do. Feeding babes, wiping butts, teaching them kindness and respect. I take a big breath to say "go with it mama, find your pace of grace." All the things you want to accomplish, they will get done. It may take a little more time or there may be a few more messes but you can do it. The joy of the Lord is your strength, so put it on and do your thing! (It only took three intervals to get these thoughts written out, haha.)

You were made for this mama!

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