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My first birth was an emergency c-section

I went to the hospital on April 22nd (at 37 weeks) with the expectation that I would be at work shortly after my scheduled version. Dressed and ready for work, one thing lead to the next and I found out I wasn't going to be going anywhere, but rather I'd be meeting my baby girl sometime that day or weekend. Come to find out, I was having contractions and baby's heart rate was dropping.

I had tried so many things during the week to try to flip her, but Solara was still breech and now her but had engaged in my pelvis. Things were looking a lot less favorable for a vaginal delivery. I still wanted to attempt the version to see if we could get her to flip. I so badly wanted to have a natural birth experience. Thanks to some very knowledgeable and discerning doctors, we decided that the best plan would be to do the version in the Operating Room in case she went in to distress. They had me ready for possible c section but if the flip was successful then they would induce me and let me go natural as possible. Just before I went back to the Operating Room, my doula led my husband, myself, and the doctor in a prayer.

During the version Solara's heart rate dropped to 30, they immediately pulled up curtains for a c section. I would have lost it had the Holy Spirit not brought to mind Isaiah 26:3, "You will keep in perfect peace his whose mind is steadfast because he trusts you." I began to repeat it in my heart and somewhat mumble it under my breath. Matt was sitting behind me and I asked him "where is my baby? Shouldn't she be out now?" And then tears began to fall as I realized she was having to be resuscitated. All I could hear was "come on little mama, come on," and the doctors scrambling. I cried out to the Lord "give her life, give her life." Soon after, I heard her cry and I began crying even more with thanksgiving.

Later the doctors explained that her cord had been wrapped around her neck a few times which made her heart drop when they were trying to flip her. Upon her arrival her APGAR score was a 1 (she was only even given a 1 for tone because her legs were still flopped over her head from being breech in my womb). She was not breathing and had no heart rate or color. She was already at 8 by the next check! They said they had never seen a baby come out doing that bad and come back so strong so fast. I knew it was Jesus!

I knew it was Him watching out for us the entire pregnancy and knowing that her birthday was April 22nd. I look back and see His hand over her and I, and I am just brought to tears with thanksgiving and joy. My Heavenly Father is such a good Daddy. Even though the birth experience didn't go how I had hoped, I know Jesus has a plan to use my story and experience to relate to women in the future. My sweet Solara Joy is the most precious gift and miracle. #blessed

**photo credits: Matt and Jessica (friend and doula)**

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