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I saw a home birth

Originally written on January 27, 2013:

Wednesday I was taking her blood pressure and Sunday I was delivering her baby.  Now I wasn’t actually delivering the baby, midwife Rona took care of that, but I did get to be the help!  Around 7:35pm, 20 year old Analynn gave birth to 8 pound baby boy Prince.  I am feeling so many emotions right now and my mind is blown by what just happened.  I can’t believe I just witnessed a birth and got to help!  It was a God story that I even got to be there.

I was supposed to be meeting Jamie to talk logistics but instead Rachel showed up in the same room at the same time and told me that one of the girls from the children’s home had been asking for me all week.  So I rescheduled with Jamie and headed over to visit Angelica.  I just sat down with Angelica when I heard one of the girls saying that Rona is at the house looking for me.  I guess she had been there yesterday looking for me because she had lost my number but knew I wanted to see a birth.  I am rarely at the children’s home because I am involved in other ministries, but I was so glad God had brought me there in that moment.  Next thing I know I was scurrying out the door and down the street with Rona and her son so that we could deliver a baby.

When we arrived at the house the pregnant mother was having contractions and was dilated to about 8 centimeters.  We waited and waited and waited.  Rona had the girl walk around and I did my best to help her wipe her sweat and give her water.  I just wanted to comfort this girl who was in so much pain.   As I watched her and listened to Rona’s coaching I did learn one thing that I felt was kind of spiritual.  Rona told me that when the contractions would come Analynn was moving in a way as to reduce some of the pain, but it would actually lengthen the time she is in labor.  She needed Analynn to give in to the pain and push through it. She needed her to position her body and breath in a certain way.  The pain was for Analynn’s good.  Giving in to the pain instead of trying to move to reduce it would actually get her the results she needed.  I think so often we try to comfort ourselves and reduce the pain in our lives when the pain is actually going to bring the good.  If we would just give in to the pain and relax and breath, I feel like we would learn and grow and good would come from it.

Anyways back to the labor.  After a few hours, Analynn was dilated at about 9.5cm and she got all set up on the bed for the birth.  First came the water and then we waited some more for everything else.  Previous to that day, I thought if I ever saw a live birth that up close I would pass out or just be too grossed out.  I didn’t think I would be able to handle it.  But there I was sitting next to the bed, holding Analynn’s leg while she pushed through her contractions.  I saw EVERYTHING.  I couldn’t believe my eyes.  I saw the hair on the baby starting to come out and I was like woah!  Once the head popped out it was business time because the cord was wrapped around the baby’s neck and he was turning blue.  Rona quickly grabbed the cord and then the mom gave her last push and right before my eyes there was a little crying 8 pound baby and a whole lot of other stuff.

The baby was placed directly on the mother’s stomach so that they could make a connection.  Me and Rona worked together to cut the umbilical cord and then I took the baby and she cleaned up the mom.  After the mom was a little bit cleaned up, Rona and I washed the baby in a tub on the floor.

Now I forgot to mention that just after the baby popped out I looked behind me and there were about six kids of different ages and four adults.  This ordeal was a show.  No one was missing out.  So there we were in the back room of a little home, no modesty, and all eyes on mom and baby.  And the kids just kept getting closer.  It was actually kind of funny.  But hey I had a good time and the family was so thankful for our help.  I got to hold the baby just a minute after he was born. When Rona was ready to work on delivering the placenta she had me take the baby and hold him to wait until it was time to bathe him.  That is when I saw his little eyes open and got tears in mine.  Once the baby and mom were clean and the birth mess was cleaned up we put the baby on mom to feed.  When the mom cuddled her baby and his eyes met hers I soaked up the moment.  It was so precious.  Ahhh I loved being there apart of all of it.  Maybe I will have pictures of Analynn, Prince, and I later this week if I can find her and visit her!

I was wowed. Thanks mama for doing what you did for meeeeeee :)))

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